Managed Security – Taking the fear out of IT

Fortinet Summary report
Based on the world leading Fortinet suite of products, I-Star Managed Services brings you peace of mind. Relax knowing that your security is being constantly monitored and analyzed by the best platform and the best team available. Having worked in security for all the major security vendors and both major telco's you can rest assured that I-Star Managed Services Security Team is one of the best around! With Best Practice and Security in Depth as the main tenants of I-Star's security platform....

Managed Desktops – Taking the T out of IT

Your busy, you have a business to run! you don't need the hassle of managing desktops, making sure that everyone's Anti-Virus is up to date, their firewall is running and the latest patches applied. Besides, remember when you applied that patch and it broke everything. You really don;t need that stress!!   Well now you can relax with I-Star's Managed Desktop Service. We provide full desktop management, just imagine.. NO MORE Patch Updates NO MORE Virus Worries NO MORE Backup I...