Managed Cloud – Taking the complexity out of Cloud Services

We all know “Cloud” is the wave of the future and can “Do No Wrong!” We all know it’s an enabler and disruptive and if your not using Cloud services your competitions already got one up on you!

But with everything there are downsides, how do you use “The Cloud” to gain competitive advantage? Will it really lower your costs? Are your business processes aligned to take full advantage of it’s capabilities and what exactly are those capabilities!

I-Star Manged Services are the Cloud experts! With over 20 years building Managed Cloud Platforms we were building Cloud before it was Cloud! We are the driving force behind a number of New Zealand’s leading cloud providers who’s infrastructure was build by or based on I-Star Managed Services designs.

If you want to know how to use infrastructure to your best advantage, wouldn’t you go to the people who design and build it?

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